Bathroom Renovation Considerations

Bathroom Renovation Considerations

Bathroom Renovation Considerations

bathroom renvations Dublin

bathroom renovation can be relatively straight forward or maybe a little more complex depending on your bathroom size and your design requirements. Bathroom Renovations Dublin have the expertise to help you along the way. We will help you make the correct choices and decisions in creating the bathroom of your dreams.


Bathroom Design & Functionality


Design and functionality is where everyone starts when it comes to their renovation work. You may know what style of bathroom you want to have in terms of layout, fittings, tiling and decoration. It also has to function as a bathroom for example if you have special needs you may need a bathroom designed to accommodate these needs. Then it comes to the point where will the bathroom I want actually fit into the room I have. This may be a big hurdle to jump especially if you are space restricted. This is where you need a contractor that can design a bathroom that will serve its purpose and also be aesthetically pleasing.


Bathroom Renovation Cost


This is the biggest deciding factor on which route you take with your bathroom renovation. If you have a large budget, then this will not be a worry for you. Even if you have a small bathroom there may be options of increasing your bathroom space. Unfortunately, this can be expensive depending on your house layout.


Bathroom renovations tend to be a bit expensive depending on your design wishes. Your bathroom is an area that is constantly used daily so it should function and be a pleasant place to be. You need to decide on a design that suits you and your budget. We will help you design your bathroom with care and attention to detail while also keeping in mind your budget. We will advise you on the areas that you should best spend your budget. This is to make sure your renovation works is carried out correctly.  This will ensure there will be no remedial works in the future that will cost you more money.


Whatever your budget we will sit down with you and see what we can do for you that is both functional and designed to your tastes.


Future Proofing


Bathroom design can be a very personnel thing and your design may not suit other people’s tastes. The only time this will come into effect is if you go to sell your home in the future.If your newly renovated bathroom is very unique it may limit the number of prospective buyers that will also like your design choice. The correct design balance is needed to produce a bathroom that you will love. It should not limit your choices in the future if it comes to re selling your home.


Finally, if you need any information on starting your bathroom renovation then do drop us a call on 01 908 1099. We are here to help.

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