Choosing a Bathroom Renovation Company in South Dublin

Choosing a Bathroom Renovation Company in South Dublin

Choosing a Bathroom Renovation Company in South Dublin

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Your bathroom is one of the most functional and used rooms in your home. It is also the one room that you can guarantee that most of your visitors will use when they are at your property. Therefore getting the bathroom remodel right to suit your needs and choosing the best bathroom installer company will take some effort.


A number of considerations are making the best use of the space and ensuring the bathroom is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Generally your bathroom is the one room in your property that isn’t decorated as often as other rooms. The standards of bathroom finishes and durability need to last and fit its purpose.


By far the most important decision when remodelling your bathroom is choosing the best bathroom renovation company in south Dublin to do the job. Here are some important points to consider to help you choose the right bathroom installer to suit your needs.


Price- What will the job cost? It is often the first thing we consider so setting an overall budget is important. I recommend that you are wary of low prices and choose value for money over low costs. Many Bathroom renovation companies price the jobs low to get the work however it is advisable to choose a company that is honest about their pricing. At the most bathroom installers can only give an estimate price A reputable bathroom installer will factor in a contingency also , which will be an additional cost to cover any unforseanable issue such as water damage, breakages, problems with plumbing etc. Sometimes during renovations issues can surface that were not apparent before the work commenced a genuine installer will mention this during costing.


Reviews and recommendations- This is the backbone of any established bathroom renovation installer in South Dublin. Trust is needed when choosing the right company as you are investing in them to complete the work to the highest standard of finishes. A reputable bathroom installer will have reviews online and will be recommended by individuals and other companies. For example if you are considering a particular company do some research. If they supply certain brands contact their suppliers for independent reviews about their services. Also checking out Trustpilot reviews online can give some insight into the services they have provided for other customers. These are genuine verified reviews so they will come from their actual customers and cannot be made up in anyway.


Past work- A companies reputation is based on the quality of work they have provided and the standards that they set. Can your Bathroom renovator provide examples of their past work? A trustworthy Bathroom company will be happy to showcase their previous bathroom jobs. Also see if you can visit the properties of their previous employers to see the quality of their work first-hand before making any final decisions. If they have cut corners while renovating or provided excellent workmanship it will be apparent at the visit and it will help sway your decision either way.


Knowledge and experience- sometimes what you want in your bathroom and what will actually work within the space are two different things. This is where a reputable bathroom company can help as they will have a wealth of knowledge on sanitary wear, tiling and fixtures, space planning and finishes. A bathroom company should be able to offer valuable information and expertise regarding your bathroom remodel so that the finished result works out for the best. If they are an established bathroom company in south Dublin they will have knowledge on how to deal with different issues or what are the best bathroom finishes to suit your needs.


Finally if you need a professional bathroom bathroom renovation company in South Dublin then look no further than Bathroom Renovations Dublin. Simply call 01 908 1099 and we will be happy to deal with any query that you may have.

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