Great Reasons for an En-Suite Bathroom

Great Reasons for an En-Suite Bathroom

Great Reasons for an En-Suite Bathroom

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It is a common occurrence to have members of the family arguing over who gets into the bathroom first on the Monday morning. This is where having a second bathroom in the home can be extremely beneficial. This second bathroom does not have to be the full size of the main bathroom in your home. It sole purpose is to carry out all the functions of your main bathroom. This is where having an en-suite bathroom in your bedroom comes in.


Problem Solved


Having an en-suite bathroom installed in your home is an excellent idea to solve your bathroom overcrowding problem. It is extremely convenient to have your en-suite located adjacent to your bedroom. This means that you can use its facilities at your leisure without having to get your slot in the morning rush hour.


Having an en-suite installed in your home can add value to your property. You should ensure that you are not sacrificing your existing bedroom to make room for the en-suite. Now a days most modern homes have en-suites already designed and built in as standard. Unfortunately, older dwellings more than likely have no en-suite. If you find yourself in this situation having your en-suite installed can add some bonus value for your property when you go to sell or rent.


How much room will my en-suite bathroom installation require?


Luckily you do not require a large area to install an en-suite. Most of us do dream to have a huge bathroom and a huge en-suite in our homes. Unfortunately, only a few of us get to live out our dreams. En-suites when designed correctly can be of huge benefit to us no matter what the size of the space available. En-suites can be small in size but can be very convenient and practical. A small en-suite with a simple toilet and wash hand basin can save you having to stumble down the hall to your bathroom at 3.00am in the morning when nature calls.


Use a reputable installer!


Unless you are an expert in DIY and have years of experience in plumbing and tiling then the only way to have a new en-suite bathroom installed is to have an expert bathroom installer take on the entire project. Whether you have a small area or you are planning on putting in a substantial en-suite we at Bathroom Renovations Dublin have both the expertise and experience to install the en-suite for you. We will design and install your en suite to meet your exact requirements. We will get the best possible layout out of any space that you may have, whether it be big or small.


As with all our projects we will call to your home and carry out a site survey. We will go through with your different design options that are available depending on your en-suite size. Once you are happy with the final design we can give you an installed price based on this design. This will show you exactly what costs are involved. Once you give us the go ahead we will ensure that we will work closely with you and ensure that there is little or no disruption to your home. We will complete the en-suite install which includes all works from plumbing, carpentry, electrical tiling and finishes. Client satisfaction is or main objective and we will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the entire job.


We are certain that we can cater for any project that you may have in mind. Our business is built entirely on our customer’s satisfaction. We continue to get referrals from our happy customers which means we are certainly doing something right!


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If you need to end those morning rushes for the bathroom queue and you have some space in your bedroom to install and en-suite then give Bathroom Renovations Dublin a quick call on 01 908 1099 and we will call to your home and discuss in detail what we can do for you in a friendly and polite manner.

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