Bathroom Water Damage Repair

Bathroom Water Damage Repair

Bathroom Water Damage Repair

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Bathroom Renovations can be expensive at times depending on your bathroom size and sanitary ware finishes. Our dream bathrooms can put pressure on us to skimp on certain areas to save money. Areas that might not necessarily be seen can be overlooked to achieve the desired level of finish.


As a result, you may end up cutting back on areas such as shower tanking. Doing this will save you money to install that the high end shower/steam room. This will result in your bathroom needing unwanted remedial works in the future. Dampness that may have been caused due to lack of tanking will need fixing, which may be very expensive.


At Bathroom Renovations Dublin, we have encountered a large number of bathrooms that have been water damaged. Some bathrooms were old and the construction methods would not have been available at the time of its initial construction. We have come across new bathrooms that have only been recently installed that need to be taken back out and properly fitted due to the lack of adequate water proofing. This can be very distressing for the owners due to the money they had initially paid to the previous contractors to redesign and install their new bathroom.


Bathroom Water Damage Prevention


To properly water proof a bathroom you need to employ as fully qualified and experienced bathroom installer. It may cost a bit more at the beginning than going with a plumber that may not have the necessary skills or experience but because of the lower price you may have been given you may have thought you were getting a good deal, where in the long run it will end up costing you a lot more money.


Unfortunately, we end up having to get a professional company to redo shoddy workmanship that the previous contractor left behind. This may result in spending possibly double the time and money than we would have had to if we were contacted first.


We stand over all our bathroom work which give you complete peace of mind. Once we have installed your bathroom we will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the entire job.
We cater for any size of job, small or big and we treat each job with the attention to detail that it deserves.


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Bathroom Renovations Dublin believe in giving you quality for money and we do not cut any corners for cheaper prices. We insist on renovating our bathrooms once and once only. Why not give us a call on 01 908 1099. We will be only too happy to help you in any way possible with any query that you may have.


So if you have a bathroom that has evidence of water damage or you suspect that it may not have been installed correctly give Bathroom Renovations Dublin a call now on 01 908 1099 and we can call to your home and carry out a free survey for you and will give you a free quote for any remedial work that you may require.


Remember dampness can have a serious effect on our health. If you have any dampness in your bathroom call us now to have it checked out straight away.

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Our team of expert tradesmen can renovate your home to the highest standard.


We ensure that all our renovations are undertaken as quickly as possible, while maintaining a high level of workmanship.


We pride ourselves in our top class workmanship and we stand over every renovation that we undertake.

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