How to Plan Your Bathroom Renovation

How to Plan Your Bathroom Renovation

How to Plan Your Bathroom Renovation

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Your bathroom is by far the most used room in your home and renovating your bathroom can add value to your home while improving the overall functionality and aesthetics of the room. It can be hard to know where to start with planning a bathroom renovation in Arklow and Wicklow areas. It is important to find a bathroom renovation company that offer a unique service from the start, that can assist you with each stage of the planning process to help you create your dream bathroom step by step.


Where to begin?


To get inspiration for your bathroom renovation in Arklow and Wicklow areas have a look at Pinterest and Instagram to get a better sense of the style, functionality and layout that you would like created in your home. Visiting showrooms and speaking to their staff can give you a clear idea of how you want to design and plan your bathroom renovation.


Defining your budget


Working out your budget is essential in the early stages as it will determine greatly what can be achieved for your money. Even though a bathroom can be one of the smallest rooms in your home the renovation costs can be expensive due to the amount of structural work required to renovate the bathroom. When working out your budget consider installation costs, plumbing and tiling costs, what is essential for the room, then define how much of the budget is left for cosmetic features. Getting bathroom brochures can outline the overall costs of bathroom fixtures like the toilet, sink and shower trays for example.


Planning your bathroom layout


To start with you will need to get to know your bathroom. What is the current shape and would the bathroom function better if everything was moved around?


Is the bathroom currently practical or does the bathroom need more or less to function better? Discussing your planning with a bathroom renovation specialist in Arklow and Wicklow can highlight what is possible, they may also have suggestions for improving the overall layout that you have not considered. At this stage they will also be able to give you an overall quotation of how much they would charge for your bathroom.


Functional Priorities


What are the most important functions for your bathroom renovation in Arklow and Wicklow? Some important requirements are having a bathroom that is easy to clean, bathroom storage and a relaxing space. Or multifunctional purposes- having a bathroom that caters for those who love a long hot soak in a bath or the re-energising qualities of a shower.


Design essentials


The main design properties are style, beauty and adding value to your home. Consider everything you want before beginning your bathroom renovation in Arklow and Wicklow, do you want contemporary or traditional? what tiling finishes are needed? how will the room will be heated? and is the design timeless? Once you have answered these essential questions and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your bathroom renovation, you are ready to begin creating the bathroom you’ve always longed for. 


If you are looking at having your old bathroom renovated or you may be building your new home and may be at the stage of fitting out your bathroom and you may unsure of your bathroom layout then contacting Bathroom Renovations for Arklow & Wicklow on 01 908 1099 for a FREE consultation and quote is the next step for you.

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