Bathroom Overhaul

Bathroom Overhaul

Bathroom Overhaul

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Is it time for your bathroom overhaul?


At some point in time our bathrooms tend to look outdated. We then begin asking ourselves what were we thinking when we painted the walls that colour? Or why did we choose that type of tile for the floor? Your bathroom should have some element of relaxation to it. It should have all the necessary functions to allow you to freshen yourself up for the long day ahead or relax after a tough day in the office. If you are in this situation now and you are thinking of having your old bathroom overhauled, look no further. Bathroom Renovations Dublin are your local team of experts for the job.


We at Bathroom Renovations Dublin pride ourselves in putting your bathroom design and overhaul first. Our team of experienced installers have the necessary experience and dedication. They give even the smallest of details their complete attention, making sure your bathroom is finished to the highest standard. We provide you the complete bathroom service. From the initial design to completely transforming your bathroom from looking old and dated to fresh and modern.


We will look at what areas that you should look at before you embark on overhauling your bathroom.


Use a reputable and experienced contractor


Unfortunately, a lot of people fall into this trap. Trying to cut costs and save money people tend to go with the cheaper quote when getting their bathroom overhauled. Really they should be standing back and asking themselves why is this contractor so much cheaper than the other quotes we have got. In all cases the reason for the cheaper quote is because corners will be cut to get in and out quickly. Areas that should get attention like any waterproofing that should be carried out prior to tiling showers tend to get left off the job specification and unfortunately a couple of years down the road when it is too late you begin to get problems with dampness and mould and we can almost guarantee you that you will not be able to get in contact with the contractor that carried out the work.


Bathroom Renovations Dublin believe in doing a job only once which will save you money in the long run. We stand over all our bathroom installs. We will survey all our bathrooms to see do we have the appropriate foundations to build the bathroom of your dreams. If not we will highlight this to you and we can put it right before renovation work begins. We strongly believe in paying a little bit more for a professional job. This means the work is completed correctly the first time with no money or time been wasted on remedial works.


Design your bathroom wisely


A bit of time and thought should go into the overall design of your new bathroom. Questions like do we need a bath or will a shower suffice? How many people will be using it, is or will there be need for disabled access? We have over 20 years experience in designing bathrooms and we know exactly what questions should be asked and we will put these forward to all our clients just to get some food for thought. It’s better to ask the questions now than half way through a bathroom install. In some cases, the bathroom space that you may have may be limited so we would have to look at the best possible layout to maximise how the bathroom performs for you.




An area that tend to get overlooked by clients is heating because they are completely wrapped up in finishes and sanitary ware. We have expert plumbers that will adequately size your heating and have it installed correctly, making your bathroom a comfortable place to unwind in.


Bathroom fittings


When choosing the sanitary ware for our new bathrooms we tend to get completely muddled in what option to go with and we find it hard to make a final decision. We can help you decide on what sanitary best suits you and your budget. Our supplier Sonas have a large selection of sanitary ware that we have brochures for and we can sit down with you and let you have a look at what’s available and help you decide on what’s best for you.




This normally covers the tiling in your bathroom. Depending on your budget you may just tile the shower area and floor. The remaining wall area may then be painted or you may decide to tile your bathroom from floor to ceiling. We have samples of tiles with us when we carry out our initial site visit to give you an idea of what tile you may like to use. Alternatively, there may be a bathroom that you have seen in a nearby showroom that you like the finish of. This will give us an idea of how you want your new bathroom to look.


The bathroom overhaul experts


So like many of us you are fed up with your old and dated bathroom. If you are deciding on a bathroom overhaul then drop us a call on 01 908 1099. We will organise an initial meet up to carry out a survey of your existing bathroom. You will be completely satisfied that we are the leading contractor for your bathroom overhaul in Dublin.

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We ensure that all our renovations are undertaken as quickly as possible, while maintaining a high level of workmanship.


We pride ourselves in our top class workmanship and we stand over every renovation that we undertake.

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