Bathroom Fitters Dublin

Bathroom Fitters Dublin

Bathroom Fitters Dublin

bathroom renvations Dublin

Are you growing tired of how your bathroom looks? Are you in the process of building your own home and will be needing the services of expert bathroom fitters? A team of professional bathroom fitters will install your new bathroom correctly and as quick as possible. There will be many different options available to you. You could design and buy your own bathroom and a specialist can fit it for you. Alternatively, leave the whole process to a company that will provide the full service from start to finish.


Cost is a major factor when deciding on a new bathroom. You may think it might be cheaper to look after the bathroom purchase yourself and then employing the services of a company to fit the bathroom for you. Then you have the job of trying to find a reputable contractor to professionally fit your new bathroom. It would be a nightmare to purchase a high quality bathroom suite and have it fitted by an incompetent bathroom fitter. This could cause you a lot of heart ache in the future which may arise in having to pay a second fitter to put right the wrongs of the first bathroom fitter.


In some cases, there is only one bathroom in the home. If you are having it renovated you want to make sure that the new bathroom’s installation is correct. This will mean that there will be no remedial works required in the future.


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We are in essence a one stop shop for all your new bathroom or bathroom renovation needs. Our professional fitters will take care of bathroom fit in its entirety from start to finish. We will design your bathroom in terms of layout. We can arrange for you to pick out your full bathroom from the sanitary ware, showers and the tile finishes from your showroom of choice.


Once you have this step complete we will then begin work on your new bathroom where we will remove your old bathroom and check the substructures condition before we begin fitting your new bathroom. If there is any remedial work required to the substructure prior to bathroom fitting, we will take care of it as this will prevent a wide range of problems in the future as a result of the substructure not been appropriate for your new bathroom.


We can also provide a bathroom fitting service that will simply cover the install of your already purchased bathroom. We can fit all your sanitary ware and tiles if need be. You will still get the same level of expertise and attention to detail. Our bathroom fitters are experts in their field and are highly skilled and experienced in fitting bathrooms in Dublin. They will carry out the work with as little disruption as possible to your home.


Bathroom Fitter Experience


We would advise you to make sure that you employ reputable bathroom fitters to look after your new bathroom fitting. Check any testimonials that you may be able to get about the fitter in question. We have fitted a large number of bathrooms in Dublin. We will ensure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with our work, including TV presenter Brendan Courtney. Thanks to Brain for leaving a testimonial for us on our homepage.


Finally if you need a team of professional bathroom fitters in Dublin then look no further than Bathroom Renovations Dublin. Simply call 01 908 1099 and we will be happy to deal with any query that you may have.

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Our team of expert tradesmen can renovate your home to the highest standard.


We ensure that all our renovations are undertaken as quickly as possible, while maintaining a high level of workmanship.


We pride ourselves in our top class workmanship and we stand over every renovation that we undertake.

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