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How to help reduce your bathroom renovations costs

An outdated and dull bathroom can really bring down the overall feeling of your home. Your tiling colour may look outdated, water or mould damage, or you may little or no storage area and have your bathroom is cluttered with all your toiletries. This points to a bathroom that may be in need of some renovation work.

You may feel that a bathroom overhaul may be a bit too much for your budget to cover. Thankfully, a bathroom redesign and renovation does not have to be extremely expensive. We have listed below a few simple ideas to keep in mind to help keep down costs before you take on your bathroom renovation.

Decide on what renovation works you need

A bathroom renovation price will depend on how far you want to go with the renovation or how much you want to change. You may only need a freshen up of how the bathroom looks with a new tiling scheme while leaving your fittings in the same position. Look carefully at your existing bathroom and decide exactly how much you want to change.


It may be a big temptation to throw out every tap and sanitary fitting that you may have in a full bathroom renovation. In most cases you may have to as they may be damaged or will not go with your new bathroom feel. Occasionally though there may be no ned to change your sanitary ware or fittings and these can be transferred to your new bathroom layout. This will save you money and you will be able to put your budget to good use in other areas of the bathroom.

Think carefully about what you have and your new design. It may not be feasible to transfer your existing ware into your new design but in some cases it may work.

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Keep the same layout

If your bathroom layout works and functions correctly then why change it, unless you have the budget. Changing a layout means the moving of pipes and water supplies that can be costly.

Hire a dedicated bathroom renovations contractor.

This can save you a lot of money especially if you are taking on large scale renovations work. It may be tempting to get a friend of a friend to plumb the bathroom and another friend of a friend to tile the bathroom for you. You may think that you will save money but unless they are adequately skilled and experienced it may cost you more in the long term.

A team like Bathroom Renovations Dublin can oversee your entire bathroom overhaul. We can design the bathroom that works for you and advice you on all the options available to you that works with you and your budget.

So if you are planning a bathroom renovation, whether it be small or large scale then call our team on 01 906 5838.

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